The SKYLIGHT PRO RH/RV lamps were designed for medium and large sized vivariums equipped with a glass top as well as smaller vivariums installed in a rack system.
PRO RH lamp is dedicated for horizontal terrariums while PRO RV produces a focused beam appropriate for vertical enclosures. Lamps may be hanged on rack system elements as well as placed on glass top of the vivarium. SKYLIGHT PRO RH/RV lamps were designed for terrariums with living plants. The spectrum of light emitted by these lamps is suitable for the proper photosynthesis process, making these products suitable for growing even the most demanding plant species. SKYLIGHT PRO RH/RV are offered as set of 1, 2 or 3 independent lamps, and are suitable for several smaller vivariums or one larger enclosure with a width up to 120 cm and height up to 90 cm depending on the setup