Aquatlantis Easy LED Luminus Smart LED Controller LUMINUS With Luminus you can set up the four intervals of the two independent channels to create the daylight and the moonlight effect. Download the


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Luminus App – available on Android Play Store

Interaction with the mobile App for Android devices – free download to configure and update easily your controller. Download it now!

Luminus App – available on iOS App Store

Interaction with the mobile App for iOS devices – free download to configure and update easily your controller. Download it now!


The Luminus – Smart LED Controller allows controlling all parameters independently and according with the user’s desires. It has two independent channels (max. 5A per channel) with four light intervals each, allowing creating the daylight with sunrise and sunset effect, turning the light units on and off gradually (between 10 and 90 minutes). It is also possible to create the night mood in the aquarium, by adjusting the light intensity (10 to 100%). And to make the things even easier, there is available a mobile App for Android and iOS devices. Through the Luminus App, the user has access to the extra function Storm which simulates a storm ambiance in the aquarium. Compatible with all Tecatlantis products.


If you use more than one lamp, it must be taken into account that the transformer current intensity must match the current intensity necessary for the light units. For example, for two light units 2.5A each, 5A transformer is needed. Supply voltage between 12V and 24V.

Splitter cable (not included)

If three or four light units are used, a Splitter cable is needed to connect the light units to the controller.

Light intensity

Light intensity This controller allows the regulation of the light intensity that you want in your aquarium. Connect your smartphone to the Luminus controller with the App available for Android and iOS to easily adjust the light intensity.

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